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Norwegian forest cats are the best.

They look like little snow lions.


The colloquial term for them is “skogkatten”.

They’re also called “fairy cats” in Norway, because they’re so pretty.

They run down trees headfirst.

They’re fricking gigantic and they purr really loud.

They literally walk over snow like motherloving Legolas.

In Norse mythology, skogkatts pull the goddess Freya’s carriage.

Who doesn’t want a carriage pulled by cats?

Viking cats. End of story.

Oh what a terrible thing it appears that I haven’t reblogged these glorious beasts this year yet

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AQUARIUS: you need to eat more ass
PISCES: you need to eat more ass
ARIES: you need to eat more ass
TAURUS: you need to eat more ass
GEMINI: you need to eat more ass
CANCER: you need to eat more ass
LEO: you need to eat more ass
VIRGO: you need to eat more ass
LIBRA: you need to eat more ass
SCORPIO: you need to eat more ass
SAGITTARIUS: you need to eat more ass
CAPRICORN: you need to eat more ass


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7. Your muse walks in on mine in the shower



She couldn’t believe what she was hearing from him- invasion of his privacy! As if. ‘Just you wait a minute panda man, I did not check you out! I was in a state of shock and as soon as I could I turned away and ran.’ And turned towards the male slightly ticked off. ‘Also I don’t feel anything towards the situation thank you.’

… Panda Man? “Nothing at all? You seem a little flustered though, embarrassment maybe? I don’t know… Are you sure about your answer?” L matched her annoyed expression with his own stoic look.

The ginger laid her head in her hands peaking through fingers at her old, ratty shoes. ‘And if I told you I feel embarrassed, flushed, and hot under the collar what would you say? Would that make you feel better? Would it make it all clear? Because it doesn’t for me.’



'Try to live like a normal person, you're braver than I am. I do commend you though and wish you the best of luck.' Actually genuine with her comments.

"Yeah, thanks." B shrugged a little. "I guess.. " He didn’t have any luck though.

'You'll make it, probably. Unless your luck is like the rest of ours, then well, the thought is always nice.' Matt shrugged stopping herself from patting his back.

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…Am I being too noticeable?

Feet stepping lightly on the sidewalk, hood pulled over her head, hands shoved into her hoodie pocket, Linda was the very opposite of “noticeable.” She had left the comfort of her home to… well, does one really need to give a reason to leave every time they decide to…

Matt felt great in an ironic “I hate the world” kind of way. The sun was shine as if it were trying to burn her skin off the muscle tissue below- yet the ginger still couldn’t get a tan on her pale self. Her legs hurt from walking everywhere because her car was in the shop and she didn’t have a garage to fix it herself. Moronic dolts were walking the streets with as she babbled away in her mind.

Dressed in a causal fashion, leather jacket and jeans, for the vinyl store and tea shop. At this point nothing could tear her attention away from her inner brooding, well, except a hooded figure practically boring their eyes into her skull. The girl chuckled slightly as the person cause havoc for others. Matt couldn’t quite see a face from the person’s jacket cloaking device. ‘Have you seen a ghost or do I have one of those familiar face?’

Oh shit, oh shit, she’s talking to me. Linda’s hands shifted uncomfortably in her pocket, wishing she had some kind of pencil that she could twirl, but doing that would result in having to take off her hood to reach the drawing utensil jammed into her twintail.

"Huh? Uh, y-yeah, there’s totally a ghost behind you! Can’t you feel that breeze?" Linda laughed nervously, her gaze shifting to the side. If only there was a breeze, she was burning up in this hoodie. Sweat dripped off of the side of her face, and her hair was beginning to cling to her skin. “It’s like tapping your shoulder right now!”

Linda kept her gaze fixated onto the sidewalk, watching an ant trudge along, doing its business. She couldn’t bear to stare this person in the face for so long, this person who she had been bent on avoiding until the end of time itself. More sweat began trickling down her face, but she couldn’t take off hood, definitely couldn’t take off her hood, no matter how much she was burning up, no matter how much she was sweating…

I can’t keep this up! There’s limits to the human body, dammit! Linda violently ripped off her hood and gasped for air, as if she had almost been drowned in her own sweat. Her eyes jumped up to the person’s face again, and she froze in all of her movements. Just please, whatever you do, don’t recognize me.

Matt chuckled and grinned in good nature, pulling her sunglasses onto of the top of her head. ‘Oh really? I feel pretty special considering I’m sweating like a pig. I wish I could feel that breeze. Little warm, huh?’ Trying a bit too hard at small talk, but what the hell. She turned to her shoulders and shrugged. ‘Do they look like they know me?’ Once again flashing a smile at, from what she could tell from the voice, the girl in front of her.

After a moment she noticed the other go silent. ‘Hey, it’s really hot out here today- are you sure you’re okay under there?’ Matt nearly fell on her ass out of surprise when the stranger ripped their hood off revealing a young girl covered in sweat and…. pigtails? ‘Christ! Are you cool?’ Afraid the girl might get heatstroke. ‘Let me buy you a drink? Maybe take your jacket off?’

T-take my jacket off? If I did that, I’d get arrested! Following her usual attire, since Linda had never considered this day to be “special,” she wore what she always wore underneath her hoodie: nothing.

"N-n-no, I’m totally fine, see? Totally, completely, utterly fine!" Linda spluttered in reply, wiping her face, sweeping away her hair, and pulling out her pencil from her twintail, all in a few swift movements. …Does she really not remember me?

"Drink?" Linda repeated as if the word was foreign to her. Her first instinct was to make up some bullshit excuse and run away, yet at the same time, she also wanted to interrogate this person, this person she knew as "Matt," to see if they remembered her. "If it’s not too much trouble…" Linda replied, the smile engulfing her face almost a bit too innocent. "…Of course, I’d love to get something to drink."

'I'll believe your “utterly fine” when your not sweat buckets underneath that bright light up there.' She joked pointing up at the sun, her smile faltered as the girl did something familiar. A pencil from pigtails? Matt vaguely remembered it from her childhood. She'd have to ask where she got that habit from.

'Yeah, drink- or if you prefer beverage and flavored liquids.' Trying to be quick witted with her humor. The woman watched when it seemed the others demeanor changed. She almost wanted to fist pump when she said yes. 'See that's what I like to hear. Let's go I know the best little tea shop.' Flashing a smile in her direction, loving the familiarity coming off this woman. 'Hey, um, if you don't mind me asking where did you pick up that pencil thing?' →


The girl shook out her arms and legs, ‘I’m tired as hell but that means absolutely nothing in my world.’ Especially since she needed to bum a cigarette off of someone soon. Matt pulled her hair down and shook it out also, ‘It actually isn’t too sketchy- just…

Matt snorted, her ginger locks bouncing and curling as she stood tall. ‘Totally dube, and if anything I could carry you around. You can be my new jacket for the night.’ Dreamer’s yawn had infected her body as she followed suit, the girl tried muffling it with her fist. ‘Brilliant fun, dancing and alcohol with loads of entertainment. Good vibes all around.’